Product Features:

  • High-density Polycarbonate, flexible and durable
  • ¬†Clear lens designed for indoor and outdoor use, with anti-scratch & anti-fog coating
  • ¬†High-density vinyl, flexible and durable
  • High-quality anti-fog coating on the inner and outer lens
  • High-quality anti-scratch coating on the inner lens
  • UV coated
  • Low profile, curved
  • Ergonomically designed for the most comfortable fit
  • Equipped with impact-resistant lenses
  • For indoor and outdoor use Inner and outer lens
  • The anti-fog coating on both outer and the inner lenses reduces the amount of condensation on the lenses. This enhances the visibility and comfort whilst working with a mask and also reduces fogging up in hot and humid areas.
  • Conforms to EN166:2001 requirements


  • Automotive industry, machine processing, building and refurbishing, small components, manufacturing industry, agriculture industry, transport and logistics, warehousing industry, construction, road industry, maintenance, fridge and freezer environment, fishery industry, waste processing industry, petrochemical, gas and oil industry, glass and metal industry, mining, engineering, general applications, general handling